24-30 June 2000

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Proceedings of the
Tibetan Information Technology Panel

Chair: Tashi Tsering
(Chinese Centre for Tibetan Studies)


This panel was the first on Tibetan Information Technology at an IATS Seminar. It was intended as a forum for the presentation and discussion of applied technologies in the field of Tibetan studies. The panel covered a variety of topics from technical development issues -- such as data encoding and Tibetan-specific needs in systems' designs -- to the results of research in Tibetan studies utilizing information technologies.

Presentations and Papers from IATS-X (Oxford, 2003) are available here.
A List of Presentations and Papers from IATS-XI (Königswinter, 2006) is available here.
Presentations and Papers from IATS-XII (Vancouver, 2010) are available here.


Paul G. Hackett
University of Maryland at College Park
“Automatic Segmentation and Part-Of-Speech Tagging for Tibetan: A First Step Towards Machine Translation”

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Karma Monlam
“Tibetan Software Keymap”

Tashi Tsering
Chinese Centre for Tibetan Studies
“A Structural Design and Programming for the Project of Electronic Publication of the Tibetan Canon Kanjur and Tanjur”

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Christopher E. Walker
University of Chicago
“Keymaps into Tibet: Anthropological Perspectives on the Unicode Computer Standard”

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